Current Research

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATony Spencer and Ian Fairchild (right) are leading a multi-disciplinary team looking at the details of the sedimentology and geochronology of the Port Askaig Formation on Islay and the Garvellach Islands. Their latest results are due to be incorporated into a special edition of ‘Precambrian Research’


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlasdair Skelton (left) and his colleagues at Stockholm University are specialists in metamorphism and fluid flow  – and they have been using isotopes of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon to try and understand what effects metamorphic fluids may have on the observed chemical signature of ‘Snowball Earth’.

Their latest research has recently (Nov 2018) been published in Precambrian Research. Title: Stable isotopes of oxygen and hydrogen in meteoric water during the Cryogenian Period, by Alasdair Skelton with co-authors Ian Fairchild, Linda Löwhagen, Adrian Boyce, Magnus Morth, Heike Siegmund, David Webster and Anthony Spencer




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